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Learn how to be a GREAT speaker!

Don’t let fear and anxiety hold you back!

Learn how to get started with the message in your heart.

Learn proven techniques that when applied will transform the way you speak and the impact you have on your audience

Turn your presentations into profits.

Grow your business and expand your influence.

Connect with transformational impact with any audience anywhere.

Speak with confidence and clarity.

Meet Lisa Vanderkwaak

Lisa is the Founder of the Emerging Women Speakers Academy and is a Speaker, Author and World Class Certified Speaking Coach.

As a coach, Lisa has spent thousands of hours coaching clients on how to overcome fears, increase confidence, and master the skills to speak  with clarity and connect in deeper, more meaningful ways, with any audience.  Although Lisa is an accomplished speaker today, she is intimately acquainted with the paralyzing affects of fears of all kinds. At one time, the thought of having to speak in a small group left Lisa feeling anxious and light-headed.

That was, until she discovered the keys that unlocked her confidence and equipped her with simple tools to easily turn her messy experiences into compelling messages!  Combining over 20 years experience as a speaker, and  her educational training as a Speech Language Pathologist (MSc.) and World Class Certified Speaking Coach,  Lisa is especially equipped to  help clients find their  unique voice and speak from a place of  authenticity and impact.

Pick up these same tools and many more at the Emerging Women Speakers Academy.  If you want to shortcut your process, JOIN TODAY and start learning how to become the kind of woman speaker that event planners are seeking and audiences flock to hear!!

What Others Are Saying!

“If I started my public speaking journey today, I would cut out the long trial and error process and go straight to Lisa Vanderkwaak for coaching. She’ll teach you how to own the stage and make a lasting impact on your audience. As a result, you can get booked again and again.”

Craig Valentine

World Champion of Public Speaking

“So if you are thinking that you are not a speaker, and don’t see the need to connect (with a speaking coach)– THINK AGAIN!! As a direct result of implementing the tools Lisa offers in her speaking tips, I have become a better writer and a better speaker. I have connected more deeply with my audience and am a better listener. All important pieces for my business growth.”

Darlene Schindel

Transformational Leadership Coach / Speaker

“I was so excited to get my first speaking invitation as CEO of my own company. I thought “Yeah!!!…(yikes)….Now what?” I immediately contacted Lisa Vanderkwaak. After working with her, I found I was much more at ease and confident about being able to deliver a speech that I was proud of. Thanks to Lisa, my first speech went well. I was able to connect with my audience, get them involved and keep them interested. My goal when speaking was to build my membership. The closing Lisa helped me develop garnered a 63% closure rate. Lisa – many many thanks for your expertise and the gracious way in which your deliver it.”

Stacie Dickerson

Healthy Lifestyle Institute

“The information I received will help fast forward my business by about 3 years. I was actually stuck, not knowing what to do next. Through Lisa’s coaching I came up with a program and gained new tools on how to present it. If you want to stand on stage and be seen as a professional speaker, then Lisa’s programs are for you.”

Alice Wheaton

Core Growth Foundations

“When I attended one of Lisa’s (live) events someone asked me why I needed a speaking coach since I was already an experienced speaker. I told them that I am always learning. That day was no exception. I had always struggled with putting too much content into my message and not effectively engaging my audience. From that session, I walked away with a new way to structure my message that allowed me to capture the attention of my audience more effectively as well as wrap up with a clear call to action. …..If you think speaking will help you grow your business, whether you are a professional speaker or someone who needs to be talking to more than one person at a time, I suggest you join one of Lisa’s programs.”

Mary Lou Gutcher

Magnetic Business Solutions

“I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Lisa’s speaker’s bootcamp. Boy did I learn a lot. It is a “must do” course for anyone having to speak in public.”

Shannon Lang

Elder Move

Speak with Confidence & Keep Your Audience Wanting More!


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Become a Member and receive access to:


12 Learning Modules segmented into 24 content-rich videos.


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Practice will help, ONLY IF you are practicing the right skills!

Do you ever find yourself trying to imitate what other speakers are doing, hoping to get similar results? I know I did several years ago, and it left me feeling awkward and inauthentic.  Then I thought “maybe I just need more practice.” After all, everyone knows that “practice makes perfect”….. RIGHT? Practicing does help, but not if you are PRACTICING the WRONG THINGS, and end up forming some bad habits that hinder your effectiveness as a speaker.

Secretly, I wondered “Do I have what it takes to become a great speaker?”,  That is until I discovered this truth!

Over 90% of effective communication are LEARNABLE skills?

Perhaps you can relate to what many women do and sabotage your speaking success by believing: “I’m just not that talented” or “I could never do that.” Becoming a great speaker  IS within your reach … if you are COACHABLE! World Class Speakers report that effective communication consists of approximately 10% talent and 90% tools and skills. It is these very same tools that you will have access to you when you JOIN the Emerging Women Speakers Academy.

Are you an entrepreneur, coach, author or professional who wants to learn how to leverage speaking to grow your business , get your message out there and even increase your wealth? Did you know that the most successful women entrepreneurs, report that public speaking is the greatest contributor to their success! Consistently investing in improving their speaking skills was viewed as top priority and said to have given the greatest return on their investments.

Not Sure You’ve Got  what it Takes?

Don’t Know Where to Start?

Step forward with confidence.

Speak with greater clarity.

Structure powerful messages more easily.

Secure more paid speaking engagements.

Surround yourself with the people who are doing what you want to do and glean from their wisdom.

Topics include:

Developing a Strong Foundation as a Speaker.

Finding Your Unique Signature Message ™

How to Become a Great Storyteller

Why inserting humour can potentially kill your message, and uncovering your own humour will breathe new life.

How to Avoid the Top 5 Confidence Stealers

How to avoid the mistakes that most speakers make.

Habits of Successful Women Speakers

How to go from free to fee and profit from your presentations.

Creating Messages that Stick with your Audience

Developing your speaking platform.

Why Owning the stage is more important than you think.

Profiting from FREE speaking engagements.

Simple Video Tools to maximize your reach.

Online marketing – the way of the future.

Product Creation Tools – offline and online products.

and so much more….

What you have to say IS  important!

The Emerging Women Speakers Academy can help YOU become a more effective speaker!

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