About The Emerging Women Speaker Academy (EWSA)

Have you put your dreams on hold? Lost your voice along the way? Or perhaps, you simply have never been given permission to say what’s deep in your heart? 
EWSA is a faith-based community of women artists, writers, entrepreneurs, and speakers who want to connect with other like-minded women,  committed to pursuing spiritual purity, unshakeable confidence and to creating life-transforming messages to impact others.
Part of our mission is to help restore strength and dignity to women of all ages and backgrounds. How we do this is by providing a place for women, like you, to find your voice, increase your confidence and learn how to  communicate your authentic message with passion, purpose and transformational impact.
The Emerging Women Speakers Academy was founded to provide practical training and coaching resources designed to empower you to:
Engage in deeper heart connections
Experience the freedom of finding your voice.
Express your unique story with unshakeable confidence and divine courage.
Embrace fullness of life no matter what happens.
Expand personal capacities to achieve your lifelong dreams.

About Lisa

“Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would be training others in public speaking. From my earliest memories, fear and insecurity were constant barriers whenever I went to talk, even in a small group setting.
“My mother was my first “speaking coach” and always encouraged me to go beyond what I thought was possible.  There have been many defining moments in my life but the most significant occurred when I was 15 years old.  After struggling with anorexia and paralyzing fears, I discovered I was trapped by my distorted perceptions and limiting beliefs. This launched me into a process of  transformation as I learned how to engage my heart more fully, let go of hinderances, and embrace the truth of who I am and how I am wired.
“At the center of it all, was the undeniable  truth that God loves me and created me for a divine purpose. Throughout my life, some of my most profound experiences and fulfilling moments have come as a result of stepping out of my comfort zone, in spite of fear and anxiety.
“Such as when I gave my first presentation in university. Then later when defending my thesis for my Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology. And when when I was invited to speak to hundreds of leaders and conduct training sessions at a relationship conference.
“With each step forward, I found myself seeking out mentors and coaches who shared openly of their failures, flaws and nuggets of wisdom. Along the way, I started to write training manuals and coach others in various aspects of life and leadership development, and especially in transformational communication.
“Today I am honored by all that has happened in my life, it has formed the core of who I am today.  What adds fuel to my passion is when I see my clients, especially women leaders (aspiring or experienced) who pick up and run with the speaking tools I offer to them.
“Now they are moving forward with unstoppable momentum and continually stepping out of their comfort zone speaking with clarity, confidence and transformational impact.  My desire is to add more value to your life by giving you the cream of the crop of what I have discovered in tools, techniques, and insights that you can use right away to improve your speaking skills, so that you can grow your business and expand your influence.”
Lisa knows what it feels like to endure life’s disappointments and having dreams deferred. She understands the power of reclaiming your voice, regaining confidence and learning to speak with clarity in the face of limited support and an uncertain future. From her early childhood experiences of being silenced by fear and trauma to her more recent experiences with death of a loved one, Lisa’s journey of personal transformation led her to a moment of epiphany that confirmed her life purpose: To activate women to live richer, more fulfilling lives by embracing their authentic selves.
Up to that point, she enjoyed a measure of success in what she did for a living, but knew there was something more. Defying all the reasons why she “couldn’t” and the voices of opposition, Lisa took a leap of faith to pursue her dreams more intentionally. This lead her to create her coaching company Real U Inc™ in 2008, and write her first book “Let The Real U Step Forward: 5 Keys to Living a Richer, More Fulfilling Life”, as well as co-author several books including “World Class Speaking in Action.” Since 2008, she has been interviewed by numerous program hosts , featured in Today’s Business Woman Magazine twice, Womanition, and has been a frequent keynote speaker at conferences, retreats and organizational training programs.

Even though circumstances of life can try to slow you down, sabotage your dreams, and silence your voice, Lisa believes that every woman can become a GREAT speaker…. if you are COACHABLE!

Lisa is often referred to as a transformation catalyst  and communication expert as her ability to engage audiences in transformational thinking helps create shifts in mindsets  and perceptions and inspires life-changing action.
Whether you are a young woman just starting out in public speaking or have more experience under your belt, EWSA was designed just for you. No matter how long you have been giving presentations, or speaking in front of people, there is always room to grow personally and sharpen your skills to expand your influence and attract ideal audiences. In addition to hosting EWSA, Lisa also offers live events, one day Speak to Transform™ Bootcamps and Mastering Speaking Coaching Programs.
Lisa holds a MSc. in Speech Sciences(UBC) and a MCS (Regent College), and is also a  Certified Speaking Coach and Transformational Life Coach specializing in Positive Psychology and Path Coaching.

Connect with Lisa today, and experience the power of speaking with confidence, clarity and transformational impact!

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